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Collaboration / Digital Workplace Strategies

The digital workplace offers organizations significant potential if they are strategically prepared to take advantage of trends including consumerization of IT, digital dexterity, dynamic work models, and collaboration.

May 19, 2016


7 CPE / 0.7 CEU / CISSP / 7 PDU Credits Awarded


Conference location: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont (O'Hare) Illinois


How do we increase employee engagement, become more agile and empower our top performers? Workforce dynamics and composition are changing drastically and capitalizing on them requires new ways of working. How do we guide digital workplace investments? How can we better engage employees by designing user experiences with a "customer-centric" approach?

What You Will Learn

In this one day conference attendees will learn:

  • Building the Digital Workplace Framework: Value Proposition and Stakeholder Involvement

  • Fueling Growth in the Digital Workplace- Is Your Network Ready?

  • Organizational Change Best Practices in the Digital Workplace

  • Increase Employee Engagement and Agility With Mobile Apps, Intranets and Collaboration Tools

  • How to Increase Employee Engagement and Agility - Mobile Apps, Intranets, Collaboration Tools

  • Digital Business: How IT Leaders and Are Capitalizing in this New Era


Conference Program

8:00am - 9:00am - Registration and Continental Breakfast



Building the Digital Workplace Framework: Value Proposition and Stakeholder Involvement

Jeff Willinger, Director of Social Business, Collaboration and the Digital Workplace, Rightpoint

The digital workplace strategy should make clear the value proposition of the enterprise as it transforms traditional models into a digital business, and the importance of achieving an organization’s goals in the digital economy.

In this session, the following content will be covered:

  • Creating a compelling vision of digital workplace transformation
  • Building the right processes
  • Setting standards for digital projects
  • How to define and implement the right metrics

10:00am -10:30am - Refreshment Break



Fueling Growth in the Digital Workplace- Is Your Network Ready?

Chris King, Systems Engineering Director, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Co.

The explosion of smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices is transforming the way we communicate, consume services, and manage our personal lives. The combination of mobile devices and cloud-based apps is also changing the very nature of our work environments, where collaborative open spaces and non-routine schedules are becoming the norm, and the #GenMobile workforce expects to be able to work anytime, anywhere.

Now, organizations are adjusting their physical spaces and technology designs to attract and retain top talent — the influx of Millennials who want an open, modern space within a mobile-friendly environment — and to boost worker productivity. Cornell University reports 33% less attrition rate within companies when they allow their workforce to work wherever they roam.

Join us and learn how to embrace the future of your workplace.



Creating Unique Employee Engagement & Collaboration Experiences on Modern Productivity Cloud Platforms

Jeremy Williams, Collaboration Practice Lead, Rightpoint 

As major software vendors move to the cloud with their productivity and collaboration platforms, the rate of innovation and change in these cloud platforms presents an opportunity and a challenge for organizations. It’s important for organizations to deeply understand what their end user needs are, how to define success with the usage and adoption of these platforms, and how these platforms fit in their technology roadmap. We’ll take a deep look at one cloud platform and how organizations have leveraged this platform to support their employee engagement and digital productivity strategy while at the same time embracing and capitalizing on the nature of rapid change within the platform itself.

12:30pm-1:30pm Luncheon



Increase Employee Engagement and Agility With Mobile Apps, Intranets and Collaboration Tools

Ryan McClish, Client Partner, SPR Consulting

Today's workforce is more distributed than ever and organizations are realizing the significance of employee engagement. Technology is playing a critical role in bridging this gap.

We will discuss:

  • The changing landscape
  • What it means to collaborate and engage
  • Solutions that address the gap between distributed workforce and employee engagement
  • Examples of successful engagement programs using technology

2:30pm - 3:00pm - Refreshment Break



Extending Your Workforce: How to Leverage Mobile to Create Innovation

Kevin McMahon, Senior Software Architect, SPR Consulting
Murphy O’Rourke, UI/UX Designer, SPR Consulting

Mobile work styles are helping organizations become even more productive. Supporting a mobile environment that encourages experimentation enables innovation that can help spring the enterprise forward.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How the accelerating pace of mobile evolution will help the organization innovate faster
  • How mobilization will be a game changer for the enterprise
  • Strategies for adapting and succeeding in this new environment






Digital Business: How IT Leaders Are Capitalizing in this New Era

Annur Sumar, CTO, MaeTech 
Purnesh Rustagi, Director - Digital Business Delivery, IT, TTX Company
Frank J. Burr, CIO / CSO, Information Systems Group, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Laura Hoffman, Program Management Officer, Marketing Data & Technology, Digital Customer Experience, Schneider Electric
and other professionals from IT departments sharing strategies, tactics and lessons learned

In this session, attendees will learn from Digital Business IT executives as to how they are transforming their workplaces.


Conference Price: $289.00 per person


Each attendee will receive a certificate awarding 7 CPE credits for CISSP continuing education, in addition to 0.7 CEUs and 7 PDUs. CISSP is a registered certification mark of (ISC)˛, Inc.



As is always the case at CAMP IT Conferences events, the talks will not include product presentations.  During the continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and the luncheon break you will have the opportunity to informally meet representatives from the following sponsoring companies, who have solutions in the area of the conference.